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Meet the Team


I lead Amplify because I am passionate about empowering youth in our community to do greater things. Reach out to me about non-profit fundraising, venture management and sushi spots in Vancouver!

Wilson Cao


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I direct internal relations at Amplify because I am passionate about strengthening interdepartmental relationships and creating an empowering environment for youth to speak on and tackle social issues. Reach out to me to discuss team bonding strategies, media production, and journalism!

Anne Dang

Administrative Director

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I lead fundraising campaigns at Amplify because I am driven to contribute to creating social impact. Have a coffee chat with me about real estate, sports, or hiking!

Amrit Sidhu

Finance Director

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I lead external relations at Amplify because I am passionate about supporting new youth-oriented initiatives and developing meaningful connections with our community. Chat with me about new opportunities, streaming/gaming and hairstyling!

Mia Hsia

VP External

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I oversee the planning of events at Amplify because I am driven to give opportunities to youth to be able to see their initiatives and dreams become a reality. Chat with me about the STEM field, basketball (NBA, WNBA, NCAA, AAU, etc.) and photography!

Reese Tam

VP Events

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I manage social events at Amplify because I am driven to set a positive team work environment due to my bold and outgoing personality! I love interacting with others and working together as a team. Come chat with me whenever you want. We can grab coffee, drinks or even food!

Janet Yu

Human Resources Director

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I manage all things marketing-related at Amplify because I am passionate about spreading awareness about social issues and encouraging others to get involved in their communities. Talk to me about brand management, baking, and/or good brunch restaurants in Vancouver!

Ashley Wong

VP Marketing

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I help out with external relations at Amplify because I am driven to create connections and support the ideas of youth in our community. Talk to me about creating relationships with community partners, tennis coaching, and my Grouse Grind adventures!

Owen Kwong

External Director

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I help organize team events and track project progressions because I believe amplifying strong social impact in students starts with a good foundation—a nurturing team environment! I’m more than happy to book a coffee chat about entrepreneurship, anything UBC-related, or the best views around Vancouver!

Lulu Wang

VP Internal

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I manage finance and fundraise at Amplify because I believe in providing a social impact platform for youth to enhance our communities. Have a coffee chat with me about business strategy development and Formula 1!

Wishwas Modegunta

Finance Director

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I assist in leading marketing campaigns at Amplify because I am enthusiastic about creating larger-scale events and programs that support youth in making changes within their community. Grab a latte with me to discuss marketing strategies, fashion design, and spicy hotpot.

Paris Chang

Marketing Director

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